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Our Work


Netspring strives to improve the education of rural and vulnerable children, and encourage recycling and environmental protection. To do this, Netspring social enterprise runs several programs:

Build Green IT Classrooms:

Netspring, with its “IT Classrooms Against Poverty” program, is committed to reduce environment and poverty issues by developing the recycling economy, creating shared value between developed and under-developed Chinese areas and helping vulnerable groups such as poverty-stricken students or people with disabilities.

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Environmental Dismantling:

Nowadays, more and more computers and other electronic equipments become obsolete, as electronic products are updating fast. In China, at least 5 million computers are discarded as e-waste every year.

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Social and Environmental Awareness:

Netspring is committed to raising awareness about social responsibility and environmental protection.

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Netspring supports NPOs with their computer needs:

If you are a NPO or are running a charity program and need computers for your work, please contact us. We would love to "rent" our refurbished computers to help you.

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