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Be a Partner

Would you like to get involved and support Netspring’s mission?



If you, your company, your organisation or your school would like to fund an IT classroom for impoverished children and directly witness the impact of social change, please click here.

If your organisation has a large quantity of obsolete computers that need to be dismantled or recycled in an environmentally friendly way, please click here.



If you are a foundation, non-profit organisation or social program that would like to join forces and cooperate with us, please click here



If you are a school whose students would greatly benefit from the set-up of an IT classroom, please click here



If you are an individual or family who would like to drop off your obsolete computers so that they can be properly dismantled or used for rural IT classrooms (depending on their condition), please click here

If you would like to help us promote environmental awareness and social responsibility and become an Ambassador for our programs, please click here.