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Social and Environmental Awareness

Netspring is committed to raising awareness about social responsibility and environmental protection.

Through participation in university talks, business workshops, and specialised conferences, Netspring shares its experience and expertise to raise social awareness about environmental protection and to encourage individuals and groups to actively participate in reducing e-waste and in promoting equal access to education and opportunities.

Netspring strives to better inform their audience about the risks and dangers of improper handling of obsolete computer equipment, and to allow them to manage their e-waste in an environmentally-friendly and reponsible way. Netspring hopes that more people can join hands to contribute to a cleaner, fairer living environment. 

Netspring was invited to "NGO Meets Enterprise" workshop hosted by Amcham Shanghai

Netspring was invited to the “NGO meets Enterprise” workshop hosted by AmCham Shanghai’s Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility (BCSR) on Feb.27, 2013. The event attracted over 50 enterprises and Netspring received lots of attention thanks to its social innovative concept. We shared our views and how we function as a unique player in the social sector. 


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