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  • Netspring’ s 61st Green IT Classroom has been set up!

    On May 10th, 23 members from AICM set off on a high-speed train from Shanghai to Wuxi Qinghe Migrant School with a common purpose: establishing a Netspring Green IT classroom for migrant children. The visit began with a meeting with school principal and his team, during which the managers of AICM were clearly impressed by the headmaster’s commitment to equal education for migrant children over the years.

  • Knowledge Can Change One's Destiny

    The 60th Green IT Classroom with DTZ Cushman & Wakefield Opens 

    On 4th of May, 22 volunteers from DTZ Cushman & Wakefield embarked on a bus to Beijing Tuanhe School, a primary school located in DaXing District. They were to join in the unveiling ceremony for the “DTZ Cushman & Wakefield Green IT Classroom” and to attend a creative IT and handcrafts class with the students in the school.

  • Building Green City for the future, DTZ classroom opening in Shanghai:

    There is no better way to enhance environmental awareness other than letting kids building their own ideal homeland. Last Friday (April 22), DTZ volunteers visited its Extra Curriculum Classroom co-constructed with Netspring. Located in Fengxian district, far away from the centre of the city, Fusing school has been chosen as DTZ Extra classroom and DTZ also provides kids with computers and plenty of stationery.

  • Nestpring will be present at AmCham Earth Day to collect your obsolete electronic devices of any type.

    Please join us at the Plaza at Shanghai Centre as of 2pm.


  • We are launching a survey to understand better the impact of companies community engagement on employees attraction and retention in China. It only takes 3 min to fill in, please click on this link or scan the QR code below!


  • Netspring went with Joseph Shi from the Austalian Chamber of commerce to visit Luxu Gaoxing Primary School, Wujiang. The school, sponsored by Faurecia, is currently in its third year of the Netspring Green IT classroom programme and it was good to see the students making use of the computers. Netspring also had a pilot introduction, to the kids  and teachers, of an open-source coding software adapted to children. Several studies demonstrate that learning code improve children self confidence and problem solving capacities. The students enjoyed experimenting with this, learning how to do basic code to move characters around a screen, adding sound effects.  This is in line with Nestpring mission to bringing more than just harderware but also addtionnal eductionnal value through computers.


  • This is already the 4th time AmCham supports Netspring in organizing the collection of obsolete computers and electronic devices from their members. Donations will benefit to the Green IT classroom program as well as eco-friendly dismantling of Electronic devices.

     A total of 15 companies participated, until now 113 computers have been collected within which 63 will be refurbished.  We are still waiting for additional computers from members which could not join the event. Aside from the computers, 151 kg of other equipments (printer, screens, cables,…) were collected to be sent to dismantling in a certified factory. A box of toys from Girl Scout will be handout to children in the schools during Netspring revisits.

  • The event was a big success and we collected up to 53.5 kg of electronic devices!

  • In 2014, Bayer China joined hands with Netspring and set up “Bayer Green IT Classroom” in Taicang Hengli Primary School, which facilitated the school with computers for each student in one IT class, with also three years of follow up and maintenance. 
    Almost all the kids are from migrant families, so in order to bring more companionship and warmth to the kids and to know them better, volunteers from 7 different Bayer branches gathered together in Shanghai on 29th, Nov 2015 and came to Hengli Primary School for volunteer activity with funds raised among the employees.
  • ANT FINANCIAL supported Netspring setup 3 Green IT Classrooms in Zunyi, Guizhou province
    2015-11-23 Netspring IT Manager Du Pingping
    2015-11-23 Netspring setup 3 Geen IT Classrooms in Maoshi Town & Zhima Town, Zunyi, Guizhou province. The schools are built and supported in the past few years by local government and other charity organizations, which boasted new computer classrooms without computers.