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Information Sharing

  • AICM (Association of International Chemical Manufacturers) animated a Scratch lesson in the Green IT Classroom of Qinghe School, Wuxi, on June 8th. Scratch is a programming software, developed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab. Scratch is suitable for primary school students and aims at motivating them into design and logical thinking. Qinghe School is among thefirst-tier which launched Netspring’s Scratch Learning Program. During the activity, students used the techniques learnt from their previous IT class, creating a short animation on environment protection. Students showed their talent in both digital design and programming.

  • On May 23rd, 2017, Stora Enso held one special lecture and technical workshop on water protection in Chengqiao School, Jiashan. Volunteers used the Green IT Classroom to convey the idea of water protection to the young students, who could realize the importance of water resource management. Our young students were also guided to make a simple water filter with the support of Stora Enso’s volunteers.
  •        The Netspring team was delighted to join the celebration of Earth Day on Friday, April 21 at the Plaza at Shanghai Centre. Netspring was among the 19 eco-friendly exhibitors who gathered to honor the Earth Day and promote environmental friendly solutions, sustainable ideas and showcase their products. We made new friends and met other passionate people who are advocates of environmental awareness and protection. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how Netspring Green IT-class integrates innovative and eco-conscious technologies and solutions. Thank you for AmCham Shanghai’s Environmental Committee to bring this wonderful event to us and create a platform to address key issues relating to environmental sustainability in China, share information, best practices and showcase our services and products.


    Earth Day, a global event for supporting environmental protection

  • To celebrate Earth Day, the Netspring Green IT Class team is very proud to join the celebration of Earth Day held by AmCham Shanghai on Friday, April 21 from 13:00-17:00 at the Plaza at Shanghai Centre (1376 Nanjing Road West). Come and visit us at our booth where some activities will be held.
    Held every year on April 22, Earth Day is a global movement that advocates environmental awareness and protection. It was first launched in 1970 and is now celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.
    This event is brought to you by AmCham Shanghai’s Environmental Committee. 
  • In November, IT Consultis, in partnership with Netspring Social Enterprise successfully set up a Green IT Classroom at Sangang School in Taicang in Jiangsu Provice. The classroom was equipped with 25 desktop computers and headsets, mice, keyboards and other accessories.
    IT Consultis reflects its long-term commitment to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility in this project. It is hoped that the Green IT Classroom at Sangang School, will open up opportunities for the marginalized students of migrant workers, allowing them to receive a fairer education, gaining access to more knowledge, and growing up to become well rounded individuals.  
  • According to statistics from The Ministry of Education, the average area space of computer classroom in proportion to the total school space in primary schools across the country is 2.08%, with Guangxi Province lagging behind the national average at only 0.97%. Hunan and Hainan Provinces are ranked second and third with percentages of 1.32% and 1.33% respectively.

    Although Beijing, Zhejiang and Guangdong are located in economically developed areas, the proportion of computer classrooms to the total school space is still not up to the national average, at only 2.04%, 1.98% and 1.92% respectively.  

    In October this year, the Netspring team partnered with US based Blessing Hands in order to set up an IT classroom in Guangxi for disabled children. At present, we have built 67 computer classrooms across China. These statistics from the Ministry of Education serve as an important basis for our future areas of work. 

  • AICM Wuxi Qinghe School sent us some work from their students made for the final computer exam of this semester.
    The Grade 3 students taking the final exam started computer classes in September this year. They were required to use "Paint" software to design a picture about "My Home".
    Their work is pretty impressive for students who only have 12 weeks of IT classes behind them. Here's a taster of what they produced! 

  •  On the morning of November 15th, Edwards Lifesciences group successfully set up a Green IT Classroom equipped with 25 desktop computers in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The company also gave gifts to the school such as badminton rackets, basketballs and other sports equipment. This opening marks the 66th Netspring Green IT Classroom across 14 provinces in China.

  • The 2016 China International Circular Economy Exhibition opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Circular Economy Association and the China International Trade Center, the theme of which is "innovation driven development of a circular economy in order to build resource recycling technology and equipment, and a trading platform to promote exchange and cooperation between enterprises, promote technological innovation, and enhance the standards of circular economy.”

    As a resource recycling social enterprise, Netspring representatives participated at the exhibition, exchanging with a number of companies and research institutions in the same industry. At the exhibition, Netspring promoted its Green IT classroom project of recycling old company computers for migrant schools.

  • On November 24th, volunteers from Owens Corning plant based in Tianjin, travelled to Bozhi Primary School for Migrants in Changping district, Beijing to carry out a revisit activity in the Owens Corning Green IT classroom at the school. The Owens Corning volunteers held a fun lesson relating to water conservation. By means of an informative IT class and video, followed by a handicraft activity where a bio-filter was made using recycled plastic bottles, it is hoped that the students went away with an increased awareness of environmental protection and water conservation.