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Event: Air Liquide China's 6th Green IT Classroom201506

On June 11th, 2015, Air Liquide joined hands with Netspring to build the sixth "Air Liquide Green IT Classroom” in Liugong Primary School, located in Tian Fu District, Chengdu. Air Liquide provided books, stationary and 30 green refurbished computers to the school. The dream of learning how to use computers finally came true for these children. This is another dedication of love from Air Liquide.

Liugong Primary School is the sixth “Air Liquid Green IT Classroom” in China. The company is committed to providing obsolete computers, that are refurbished or dismantled in a professional and eco-friendly way, in order to build IT Classroom. Since 2012, Air Liquide has been an active support of “Green IT Classroom”. They helped students in Anhui, Yichun, Maoming and Datong to improve children’s technical knowledge and skills.

After the opening ceremony, the Volunteers from Air Liquide provided an interesting IT Class to the kids of Liugong primary school. They taught them how to use Powerpoint under Ubuntu system.

On that day, the kids didn't only have a new IT Classroom, they also learnt new IT skills. Besides offering gifts and attention to the kids, the Volunteers from Air Liquide Chengdu will visit the school regularly to provide safety and environment courses.