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Report of CSR forum EU chamber of commerce 27th of August, Beijing

Poverty, disaster, marginalized community: in a world where so many urgent social problems need tackling, two heads are surely better than one. That may be why collaborations between NGOs and corporations – where money and expertise are combined in driving for social change – are increasingly popular in the CSR field.
The European Chamber CSR Forum in Beijing organized a seminar, in which non-profit representatives from three organizations and their corporate program partners presented community involvement opportunities for business professionals. Netspring team was invited to present Green IT Classroom program together with its long term partner Air Liquide, explained how Air Liquide can build effective ties between their business and the greater community via strategic cross-sector partnership programs with Netspring.
Since 2012, Air Liquide China worked with Netspring to open 6 Green IT classrooms, in 5 different provinces. By refurbishing obsolete computers given by Air Liquide, Netspring was able to provide 3400 children from rural areas with access to IT education. Together they engaged corporate volunteers and disadvantaged children to create bonds and open a wider outlook to the world.