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DTZ Cushman & Wakefield classroom Shanghai, Apr. 22

Building Green City for the future, DTZ classroom opening in Shanghai:

There is no better way to enhance environmental awareness other than letting kids building their own ideal homeland. Last Friday (April 22), DTZ volunteers visited its Extra Curriculum Classroom co-constructed with Netspring. Located in Fengxian district, far away from the centre of the city, Fusing school has been chosen as DTZ Extra classroom and DTZ also provides kids with computers and plenty of stationery.

The Flag Raising Ceremony was held afternoon with presence of Ms. Liu, the managing director of DTZ and Teacher Qian, Office Deputy Director of Fuxing School, as well as 23 volunteers from DTZ. After ceremony, volunteers came to Extra Curriculum Classroom and all were impressed by this cosy classroom. DTZ has donated 10 computers with some teaching materials concerning Maths, IT and so forth.

The 22 Volunteers and 24 kids worked together to construct the environmental friendly city in the wake of the brief introduction of DTZ and the purpose of this class. Kids had a great time with volunteers.

With joint efforts of volunteers and kids, the ECO-CITY had been built up. The seeds of the Green Concept had been sowed in every kids' heart.