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Netspring at Beijing International Circular Economy Conference!

The 2016 China International Circular Economy Exhibition opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Circular Economy Association and the China International Trade Center, the theme of which is "innovation driven development of a circular economy in order to build resource recycling technology and equipment, and a trading platform to promote exchange and cooperation between enterprises, promote technological innovation, and enhance the standards of circular economy.”

As a resource recycling social enterprise, Netspring representatives participated at the exhibition, exchanging with a number of companies and research institutions in the same industry. At the exhibition, Netspring promoted its Green IT classroom project of recycling old company computers for migrant schools.

There were more than 200 exhibitors on the day, covering the fields of industrial circular economy, agricultural circular economy, the use of renewable resources, waste recycling, re-manufacturing, green design and green manufacturing, low-carbon energy and cleaner production methods, recycling and green consumption culture and more. There were also 17 professional forum talks, and 14 project promotions. Zhao Jiarong, the president of the association, pointed out in his speech that the limited energy resources, destruction of the ecological environment, and global warming pose great challenges to the development of human society in the 21st Century, stressing that sustainable development in China is a key issue that needs immediate attention.