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Edwards Lifesciences Green IT Classroom Opened

 On the morning of November 15th, Edwards Lifesciences group successfully set up a Green IT Classroom equipped with 25 desktop computers in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The company also gave gifts to the school such as badminton rackets, basketballs and other sports equipment. This opening marks the 66th Netspring Green IT Classroom across 14 provinces in China.

A group of 16 volunteers from Edwards Lifesciences went with the Netspring team to Xuanqiao Primary school for the opening ceremony of the IT classroom. Philippe Bizot, Edwards Lifesciences group Greater China and South Korea's vice chairman, delivered a speech at the ceremony saying that with the rapid changes in science and technology, it is crucial for the young generation of students to have a strong basis in IT. In his speech, Philippe encouraged the children to study hard, and strive to master new skills in science and technology, making positive contributions to the development of society.

On behalf of all the teachers and students of Xuanqiao Primary school, Headmaster Gao expressing gratitude towards Edwards. During the ceremony, student representative gave Edwards Lifesciences volunteers red scarfs to welcome them to the school, along with a dance performance to thank them for their support.

The children at the school have great enthusiasm for the new computer room, displaying a thirst for knowledge and striving to becoming well-rounded individuals contributing to the development of society.

The group of volunteers from Edwards Lifesciences held an IT class for the Grade 4 students on environmental protection and water conservation (courseware content provided by the "Thirst For Water"), and taught children how to use environmentally friendly materials to make a simple but effective bio-filter, cultivating the concept of saving water.

The event was launched by the Edwards Lifesciences group in partnership with Netspring.  

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