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Dec. 2021: Happy 2022 ! Love shines on the future of Netspring Children !

In this new year, Netspring team would like to thank you for all what was accomplished. Despite a challenging global environment, we could still continue to serve our students, open new classrooms and held meaningful volunteering activities. Besides fulfilling our mission of transforming "e-waste into e-learning", Netspring also held an exhibition during the 8th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month, organized by the French Embassy in China with the support of the Consulate of France in Shanghai and the Shanghai Jing’An children’s library. We also received CSR recognition, notably by AmCham Shanghai. In the second half of the year, we have been very busy and would like to share with you a selection of our latest unforgettable and honorable moments.
We wish you a Happy 2022 !
Netspring awarded an Honorable Mention at 2021 AmCham Shanghai CSR Awards
AmCham Shanghai hosted its 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conference and Awards on Dec. 1st, 2021, highlighting some of China’s top innovators in corporate community outreach and sustainability programs. Netspring won the Honorable Mention in 2021 AmCham Shanghai CSR Awards for the NGO/Social Enterprise. Thanks to all our partners and supporters!
The event also included an NGO Fair where Netspring was invited to have an exhibition booth. We were honored to receive the visit of Mr. Deputy Consul General of the US Consulate General on that day.
Virtuos Opened its 3rd Green IT Class in Xi’an in Nov., 2021 
Virtuos Xi'an Studio successfully launched the Green IT Classroom in XianYang county in mid Nov., 2021 which brought digital learning resources to more than 250 children of migrant workers and left-behind children in the school. This is the 3rd Green IT Class supported by Virtuos in China, which embodies not only the sense of responsibility of the company but also the great love of the volunteers. Relying on their strengths, volunteers taught students the skills of digital painting and drawing, and after classes, they also led the children to play basketball. The children enjoyed these activities so much!
“We are grateful to Virtuos and Netspring for solving the urgent needs for our school, your contribution and care for children not only brought confidence to them but also will inspire and accompany them to explore in the ocean of knowledge.”
— Principal, Virtuos Xi’an Green IT Classroom
Beside Xi’an Green IT Class opening, Virtuos Shanghai and Chengdu volunteers also held activities with students in digital painting and handicraft artworks.


When waste becomes art: Exhibition during the 8th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month

At the end of October, 2021, Jing’an Children’s Library was honored to host a special cross-cultural event: The opening of the “Earth Resources in the Eyes of Children” exhibition and a students’ drawing competition awards ceremony. Dr. Séverine Boué, Consul for Education, Embassy of France / Consulate General of France in Shanghai, attended with our distinguished guests.


This is the first Netspring and Maverlinn joint-exhibition to support students’ digital and creative talent. This collaboration aimed at showcasing their artwork and encouraging underprivileged children’s digital and painting talents. Since 2013, Netspring IT Programs and Maverlinn Art Classrooms have combined technology and art with environmental activities.


E-waste is without a doubt a major source of environmental pollution. However, through “Tech4Good and e-waste recycling” initiatives, we can make a difference in digital learning and art. Since 2019, Netspring Green IT Programs have taken part in the “Franco-Chinese Environmental Month”, organized by the French Embassy in China. The event aims at raising public environmental awareness whilst strengthening the cooperation between China and France in the field of environment. 
We therefore organized a competition in support of underprivileged schools to encourage their students in three categories: painting & drawing, digital painting and coding animation. Our aim was also to develop students’ awareness for the protection of nature and Earth’s resources, whilst also stimulating their imagination, creativity, and artistic expression.


Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Jing’an District Library, Jing’an Children’s Library, French Embassy in China, Consulate General of France in Shanghai and our partners DIOR, Faurecia, Virtuos and Arkema for their great support to our students’ art exhibition!


Through this exhibition, we have witnessed that computer and art classes have planted seeds in the minds of children, inspiring them to discover and create, and build up infinite possibilities in the future!


Cerebrating the 9th Opening of Faurecia Green IT Classroom in Fengcheng !

We wished also to extend further to Faurecia China, who opened its 9th new Green IT classroom in Fengcheng this year. Volunteer representatives from Faurecia Shanghai and Fengcheng enthusiastically participated in the opening ceremony and guided the students IT lectures and painting classes on the theme of Franco-Chinese Environmental Month. The students of Fengcheng did particularly well in the competition and won gold award in digital painting and drawing!


Highlights of some excellent works:


Coding Animation:


Traditional Drawing & Painting:


Digital Painting:


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