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Mar./Apr. 2022: Celebrating Sparx* 2nd Green IT Class in Vietnam & Preparing for the 15th AmCham Shanghai / NETSPRING E-Waste Drive in Shanghai, Jiangsu & Zhejiang

Celebrating schools re-opening in Vietnam with a 2nd Sparx* Green IT
As schools gradually re-opened after the Lunar New Year, primary school students in Ho Chi Ming City were so happy to go back to their schools which had been closed since last summer due to the epidemic. On March 25, 2022, joyful volunteers attended the opening of the second Sparx* Green IT Class and organized creative digital and drawing activities with the theme of Protecting the Blue Planet. The rooms were packed and filled with positive energy.
These were unforgettable happy moments of our young students, who were filled with joy and so grateful to have this new Green IT class. Sparx* Volunteers also offered books and educational games to the school.
We are looking forward to see our students progress in this new term and would like to thank Sparx* for their contribution for environment protection and our students’ digital inclusion.
Thanks to EDF for their warm-hearted contribution!
We would like to thank Electricité De France (EDF) for their great contribution of 150+ screens to Netspring Green IT Programs. We are looking forward to these devices could make a difference for the planet and our students in 2022!


Invest in our Planet and Prepare for Earth Day: Join the 15th AmCham Shanghai / NETSPRING E-Waste Drive in Shanghai, Jiangsu & Zhejiang

In the challenging time of fighting the epidemic in Shanghai, we welcome International Earth Day (April 22), AmCham Shanghai is kicking off its 2022 Earth Day Event with our annual e-waste recycling drive by collaborating with Netspring Green IT Programs, considering the current situation, we move the date to May 20 (Friday), 2022.


AmCham Shanghai's 2022 Earth Day Event provides a unique opportunity for companies and social organizations to preserve our planet’s resources for future generations, which also echoes the theme of this year’s Earth Day “Invest in Our Planet”. 


E-waste Drive in Shanghai

All members and non-members are welcome to drop off obsolete computers and electronics during the event. Participants will receive a certificate of appreciation on-site with their contributions.

Time:     May 20th, 2022 (Friday), 9:30-16:00 (tentatively)

Venue:   AmCham Shanghai Conference Center (Xintiandi), 27/F, Infinitus Tower, No. 168 Hubin Road, Shanghai


Netspring will recycle the collections and refurbish the reusable items to outfit e-classrooms in rural or migrant schools throughout China as digital tools are key to access learning for all. For more information and feasibility, please write to us All electronic items collected will support the Netspring Green IT Programs.


Netspring is a pioneer social enterprise founded in 2012 with dedication to transforming e-waste into e-education. Netspring has collaborated with AmCham Shanghai on e-waste drive during Earth Day over the past 9 years and achieved remarkable results. This year is a very special year for Netspring as we will celebrate our 10th year anniversary and truly thank AmCham Shanghai for the long-term support.


Netspring team managed the sorting and refurbishment of reusable computers to set up Green IT Classrooms for underprivileged children in China. Any unusable items will be disposed in an environmental-friendly way. Netspring strengthened its relationship with partners and provided new IT coding teaching capacity to the students and their teachers.


Items include:

- Computers, laptops and hard drives (all computers are welcome, those still with hard drive and memory stick will bring more sustainable impact to the society)

- Monitors, keyboards and mice

- Printers, scanners and fax machines

- Cables, extension cords, adapters, USBs, plugs and wires

- Cameras, mobile phones etc.

- Other related parts and accessories (except mercury-containing fluorescent tube)


Registration & Equipment Handover List

After registration, an equipment handover list will be sent to you, which should be sent back filled to Jenny Wang at no later than Friday, May 13 (one week before the tentative event day). Please bring 2 hard copies of the handover list with official seal to the event on the event day. If you wish to receive a certificate, please also include the full name of your company in the email.


Considering the situation of epidemic crisis, we could arrange pick up after the event day if the quantity is above 30pcs in case you need more time for e-devices’ collection, please submit “equipment handover list” to AmCham Shanghai before May 13 (one week before the tentative event day) and mark the contact information.


Besides Shanghai on-site event, we will also hold AmCham YRD annual e-waste drive. 


2022 AmCham YRD (Suzhou/Nanjing/Hangzhou) Annual E-waste Drive

All AmCham members and non-members are welcome to register for this event by Friday, May 20, and the Suzhou Center will welcome the drop-off of obsolete computers and electronics on a separate date (TBD) depending on the registration. Participants will receive a certificate and photos of appreciation at the office with their contributions. If the quantity is above 30pc, we could arrange on-site pick up and the certificate and photo awards.


After registration, an equipment handover list will be sent to you, which should be sent back filled to Tianyu Ye at no later than Friday, May 20. If you wish to receive a certificate, please also include the full name of your company in the email.


We look forward to your participation! If any questions, please write to or call us at +86 (21) 6510 9063. 


Think and Act Green Anytime

Do you have old computers or unwanted e-waste of all sorts*?
Don't simply discard them!
With Netspring, you can make them at good use for schools and communities in need and help protecting the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

Wish to know more, support or learn about volunteering opportunities? 
please contact us
Phone: +86 (21) 6510 9063

* except mercury-containing fluorescent tube