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Autumn 2023: Netspring teams and children wish you a Happy 2024 !

With the new year coming, Netspring team would like to thank you for all what were accomplished. We experienced a harvest season in the past quarter. Netspring held a students’ art competition & exhibition during the 10th Franco-Chinese Environmental Month, organized by the French Embassy in China with the support of the Consulate of France in Shanghai and Chuang Gallery. We also won 2 CSR Awards of Excellence in Social Innovation, by the European Chamber and NGO/Social Enterprise of the Year Award by AmCham Shanghai. 
We have been very busy and would like to share with you a first selection of our latest unforgettable and honorable moments with our supporters. Despite challenging times, united we will keep moving forward and are all determined to fight and grow stronger! We wish you a Happy 2024!
Netspring won 2 CSR awards: The 10th European Chamber “Excellence in Social Innovation” and “NGO/Social Enterprise of the Year Award” by AmCham Shanghai – Thanks to all our supporters!
As we know, "Education is the most powerful tool to change the world". Despite a hard global environment, we could still continue to serve our students, implement distance volunteering and held meaningful activities. We are honored to win two CSR awards in 2023: Winner of Excellence in Social Innovation, by the European Chamber and NGO/Social Enterprise of the Year Award by AmCham Shanghai for our work providing underprivileged children access to computers and coding courses. We also sincerely thank all our supporters, who helped us reach these new meaningful milestones! 
We sincerely thank the European Chamber, AmCham Shanghai and all the judges for recognizing the impact that Netspring team has created for the students and the green economy. We sincerely thank all warm-hearted people and partners for their great help to the Netspring children in the past 10+ years.

“Life in Green in the eyes of Children” Student Artwork Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai during the 10th Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment

In October 2023, Chuang Gallery at Xintiandi was honored to host a special cross-cultural event during the 10th Franco-Chinese month of the Environment. A students’ art exhibition and award ceremony themed “Life in Green in the Eyes of Children” was organized on October 24, 2023. Consul General of France in Shanghai, Mr. Feng Bin, Founder of Chuang Gallery attended with our distinguished guests. HR Director of Virtuos Group also made a special trip to the event to give a congratulatory speech. We were also honored to welcome guests from Virtuos, Arkema, Grundfos, PVH, and other friends to share the joys with the children.


Netspring team organized a competition in support of underprivileged schools to encourage their students in three categories: painting & drawing, digital painting and coding animation. Our aim was also to develop students’ awareness for the protection of our planet and our natural environment, whilst also stimulating their imagination, creativity, and artistic expression. From the collection of artworks, we selected the most outstanding to be exhibited and hope to arouse wide public environmental awareness!


This is a special moment for FCEM since 2023 marks its 10 years’ journey in China. We hope this competition and exhibition will inspire the public to think about environmental issues to preserve our nature. Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the French Embassy in China, the Consulate General of France in Shanghai, Chuang Gallery and our partners Virtuos, Arkema, Grundfos and PVH for their great support to our students’ art exhibition!  


Highlights of some excellent works:

Coding Animation:


Digital Painting:


Traditional Drawing & Painting:


Virtuos Inspired Migrant Students for Exploring Life in Green During Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment

In Oct, 2023, Virtuos Shanghai and Netspring team paid an annual visit to Virtuos Green IT Classroom in Shanghai Migrant School. Relying on their strengths, Virtuos volunteers proactively inspired students on how to discover “Life in Green”, encouraged them to express it via basic IT PowerPoint and creative handicraft related to Life in Green. 


“I am very happy to participate in the Virtuos Green IT Classroom activities as a volunteer. Virtuos is always focusing on common good programs. It is a rewarding experience for myself to be able to participate in the school activities today.”

- Virtuos Shanghai Volunteer

On October 31, 2023, with the support of Virtuos Chengdu Studio, Netspring held its Student Art Competition Award Ceremony in Chengdu for the first time. It also received support from the Consulate General of France in Chengdu, and Consul General of Chengdu came to the scene to present the award. The outstanding works were also selected and displayed at the award ceremony, taking this opportunity to arouse the environmental awareness of students and the public, understand the environmental problems and various challenges that the world urgently needs to solve, and protect the life in green for the environment.


Since 2012, Virtuos has joined hands with Netspring on environment and e-waste management. On a yearly basis, Netspring helps Virtuos deal with its obsolete electronic devices to be eco-dismantled. Virtuos Group also supported Green IT classrooms in Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi’an. Their volunteers bring vivid IT and environmental activity or art classes to children every year, stimulating children’s imaginations and enlightening them to explore the unknown world in a sustainable way.


PVH organized volunteer activities for the children in Green IT classroom in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province 

It was the first year of the epidemic opening, and finally a year to meet. Following the remote online volunteering activity in 2022, PVH enthusiastic volunteers came to Taicang on October 27, 2023, to carry out offline activities again. Bathed in the golden sunshine, PVH volunteers brought warmth to the children, guiding the children to explore their own characteristics, imagine the future, and design their own career dreams. 


In late October, the students of the school achieved great success in the "Life in Green in the Eyes of Children" student competition organized by Netspring during the 10th Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment. Before the event began, the school Principal and PVH volunteers presented certificates to the students, as well as learning and sports supplies to the school. The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment and the fifth year of Netspring's cooperation with PVH. Together, we have witnessed the progress and growth of children in different periods and regions! 


At the beginning of the activity, the volunteer teachers came to the Green IT Classroom to share the theme of "Life in Green" for the students, aiming to spread the concept of low-carbon life to the children and let this behavior take root. Volunteers also gradually taught the children how to make environmental theme posters (PPT). Children understood quite quickly and played their rich imagination in a short lesson to draw vivid and colorful posters.


In the second career class, the volunteer teacher inspired the children to explore their own characteristics and try to locate the future according to their characteristics through animated videos, group discussion and sharing. Some children were shy. But under the encouragement of volunteer Connie, they gathered their courage and shared their dreams in front of the class. Some children sang happy songs combining their future career.


"Dear students, thank you for accompanying Bobo, the baby elephant in the animated video, to find the right job today, and thank you for giving great advice to animals, other students, and exploring yourself. Our current study is to realize our dreams when we grow up, to add a little strength for the country and society, and to contribute to others. Perhaps in the process of growing up, we will encounter setbacks and failures like little elephant Bobo. I hope that you can also be like little elephant Bobo, with a firm belief and perseverance, and keep trying and making efforts. I'm sure you can find out your place on the road of life. Finally, we wish every student a dream to come true!" 

-From Ms. Connie, Human Resources, PVH


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