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Mar./Apr. 2024: Netspring Children Participated in Inspiring Activities in this Spring! Celebrate our Annual E-Waste Drive with AmCham Shanghai during 2024 Earth Day!


With Labor Day coming, we wish you a joyful holiday. 


Netspring children were involved in various wonderful activities in this spring. Here, we are happy to share the great news of FORVIA Green IT Classroom Inspiring Tomorrow was successfully launched in Chongqing this March and Netspring students were invited to attend Grundfos Changshu advanced manufacturing plant inauguration to witness this milestone moment on Mar. 21st. Moreover, we also held our annual e-waste Recycling Drive in collaboration with AmCham Shanghai, during the 54th Earth Day on April 19th in Shanghai and April 26th in Suzhou. The event was yet another success as we generated 1,300+ electronic items, with a total weight of 4+ tons!


Wholehearted thanks to all our supporters! Let’s support circular economy together!


AmCham Shanghai and Netspring’s 2024 Earth Day E-Waste Drive was a complete success

On April 19 and 26, 2024, on the occasion of the 54th Earth Day, Netspring once again joined hands with AmCham Shanghai to hold this year's e-waste recycling drive in Shanghai and Suzhou respectively. This is the eleventh consecutive year that Netspring partnered with AmCham Shanghai to carry out important initiative to protect the environment during the annual Earth Day.


This initiative has received strong support from many AmCham Shanghai member companies and individuals. We are very happy to see such awareness as "We only have one earth" and "It must be considered to properly handle the company's e-waste and recycle it reasonably by every responsible company" have been deeply rooted into people’s hearts. We are very grateful to all the friends who actively participated in this initiative. Through two activities in Shanghai and Suzhou, a total of 1300+ electronic items have been handed over this year, with a total weight of 4+ tons.


Netspring Green IT Programs aims at “Transforming E-waste into E-learning”, and help schools and communities in need establishing a digital teaching system. Over the past 11 years of collaborating with AmCham Shanghai and other supporters, Netspring team have provided digital access to more than 75,000 children whilst protecting the environment. Netspring needs your support to turn all these contributions into useful tools for students in remote schools. Through refurbished computers, students will be opened to a whole new world of knowledge and knowledge changes destiny.


Let’s look forward to next year's E-waste Drive. Netspring team look forward to meeting you again on the Earth Day in 2025.


FORVIA Green IT Classroom Inspiring Tomorrow Launched in Chongqing 

As the new semester begins, Netspring team arrived in Chongqing again with the generous support of FORVIA to upgrade the computer classroom into FORVIA "Inspiring Tomorrow" Green IT Classroom, which significantly improves the learning environment for students. To celebrate the Tree Planting Day, School and Netspring also organized local students to participate in green public welfare activities. On this spring day, we sow with our heart and care with love, and the seeds of green hope take root in the hearts of students.
The thoroughly upgraded computers have become a source of wisdom for students to search environmental protection knowledge. Low-carbon experts from FORVIA prepared interesting knowledge cards for the students. The students were attentively learning the new knowledge, understanding the importance of energy conservation and emission reduction. They were greatly simulated with enthusiasm for environmental protection. Netspring team also prepared knowledge about planting for the students. The students were earnestly learning the secrets of plant growth, to feel the close connection with the Nature through navigating on internet and hands-on practice.
During the practical session, students themselves prepared soil, transplanted plants, and carefully took care the growth of each green plant. In addition to succulents and potted cans, the students also planted seed pencils with basswood shafts and graphite cores, they eagerly expected the future growth for those newly planted ones. These tiny seeds are not only a part of the green planting activity, but also bearers of the  green dreams in the deep hearts of the students. After the activity, the students moved the planted plants to the newly established plant corner, and some students also made cards with the low-carbon knowledge they had learned to spread to more people.
Students also actively participated in the painting activity with the theme of environmental protection and low-carbon living. With colored pens and paintings, they expressed their love and protection to the natural environment. Blue skies, white clouds, green mountains, and clean waters, all the beautiful drawingsdeeply described the insightful understanding for green living and commitment to environmental protection from the students.
Herewith, we sincerely want to express the gratitude to FORVIA for the long-term strong support over the past years. Through this activity, students have been able to feel the power of environmental protection and witness the germination and growth of their green dreams in this springtime. We also hope this activity can bring more warmth and hope into our Earth home.
"During this activity, I learned that there are extremely precious finless porpoises in the Yangtze River. If we do not properly dispose of electronic waste, it may cause water pollution and threaten their living environment. Protecting the environment should be everyone's responsibility. Only when everyone takes action, we can jointly safeguard the beauty of the Earth."
                                                                                                 __School Student
"Through the green public welfare activity, I have witnessed the children's eager pursuit of environmental protection knowledge, as well as their enthusiasm in participating in public welfare activities. I am deeply grateful to FORVIA and Netspring team for bringing valuable educational resources and learning opportunities to our students, which has also enhanced their awareness of environmental protection. I look forward to them fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of the Earth in the future."
__School Teacher


Co-Cteating a New Chapter of Green Future: Netspring Team and Students were invited to Attend Grundfos Changshu New Plant Inauguration

The grand inauguration of Grundfos Changshu Advanced Manufacturing Plant was successfully held on March 21, Netspring team and students representatives from Grundfos supported Green IT Classroom were invited to witness this milestone moment. Over the past year, Grundfos has joined hands with Netspring to establish Green IT Classroom in two schools located in Handan and Deyang respectively, which has benefited more than 1,400 students. These classrooms have not only built bridges for children to access internet information, but also raised students' awareness of sustainable development issues through environmental education.
Grundfos IT Classroom Program is a vital portion of its major CSR projects in China. In order to better showcase the remarkable achievements of this program vividly, the students brought their carefully crafted environmental paintings to the inauguration. With unique creativity and in-depth meanings, the paintings thoroughly implicate the deep feeling of nature and hometown from the students. They fully demonstrate the students' rich imagination and profound understanding of environmental protection concepts, and hope to impact more people to join the journey of environmental protection to together safeguard our beautiful earth. These paintings will be permanently displayed in Grundfos Changshu Advanced Manufacturing Plant as a solid proof to the collaboration. Looking ahead to the future, Netspring will continue to work closely with Grundfos to bring digital education opportunities and resources to more schools and children, we believe our collaboration will contribute more wisdom and force to building a sustainable and harmonious society.
“The experience of this event has deeply inspired me. I am especially grateful for the generous support from Grundfos, their compassionate assistance has filled me with warmth and encouragement. I created this painting based on the fancy ideas in my younger brother’s head, and I am hoping to share our ideal nature with Grundfos volunteers. I sincerely wish Grundfos all the best. This event has also ignited within me a strong desire for learning. I will strive harder to improve myself and pursue my dream relentlessly.”
__Invited Student
“Firstly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Grundfos for providing methe opportunity to participate in such a greater event. This event has been an unprecedented experience in my life, filling me with a sense of wonder and awe, while also igniting a deeper longing for city life. Through this event, I have not only felt the warmth and care of Grundfos, but more importantly, it has inspired me look forward to and pursue the future.”
__Invited Student


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