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Expand Learning to Unleash Ideals - The Success of UPS Green IT Classroom Inauguration Ceremony and Volunteering Activity

In May, the wind of early summer brings new hope. The inauguration ceremony of UPS Green IT Classroom and volunteering activities were successfully held recently. This not only marks the launch of UPS's second Green IT Classroom, but also reflects UPS's long-term commitment to community building, caring for underprivileged groups and practicing corporate social responsibility. 
In the morning of May 11th, Netspring team and UPS volunteers came to a migrant school in Minhang District, Shanghai, to witness the inauguration ceremony of UPS Green IT Classroom with the school’s teachers and students. Principal Yin expressed deep gratitude for UPS's strong support to school and care for the students, believing that the newly launched Green IT Classroom will help students learn more computer knowledge and skills, and forge their dreams. Carol Chen, HR Director, UPS China, Hong Kong & Macau SAR, introduced the development path of UPS company at the inauguration ceremony, then interacted with the students, encouraging them to share their dreams, igniting their passion for learning and expanding information technology, and continuously keep studying to improve themselves. Linda Wei, Program Director of Netspring, reviewed the establishment process of UPS Green IT Classroom, thanked the close cooperation between the company and the school, and wished the children to learn more knowledge and give back to society in the future. Following that, UPS and school representatives handed over the nameplate of the Green IT Classroom and gifts. An unveiling of the nameplate was also held in the classroom. The enthusiastic students also performed their well-prepared dances to thank UPS and the guests for their kindness.
After the ceremony, UPS volunteers and students engaged in two lively classroom interactions. In the IT class, the volunteer teachers shared with the students the importance of environmental protection, how to use search engines and make PPTs. With the assistance of UPS volunteers, students started to create small environmental-themed posters on the computers and learn new skills. In the environmental handicraft class, volunteers first introduced the knowledge of World Recycling Day, and then the children started to make environmental fabric photo frames with the assistance of volunteers. The classroom was full of joy.
April and May are UPS's Global Volunteer Month. Before the arrival of World Recycling Day on May 17, UPS called on employees to actively participate in common good activities, dedicate love, care for people in need, and give back to the community and society. Since the launch of the UPS China E-waste Drive on May 8th, more than 200 pieces of e-waste and books have been collected so far. At the same time, the donation initiative of used clothes and books for Liangshan area in Sichuan province is also in full swing at the UPS Shanghai office, and all the collected materials will then be sent to the poor villages in that area to solve villagers’ practical difficulties.
"UPS's first Green IT Classroom was launched in Guangzhou last year. Today, the launch of our second Green IT Classroom deeply reflects UPS's commitment to community, sustainability, and firmly practicing corporate social responsibility. We will continue to focus on our community and those groups who need care and support, encourage our employees to proactively participate in the public welfare, and work together to create a positive impact on our world."
__Carol Chen, HR Director, UPS China, Hong Kong & Macau SAR
"We are very pleased that the UPS Green IT Classroom can be successfully launched in our school today, which is something the children have long dreamed of. Our school's IT resources are very weak. The newly-built Green IT Classroom will provide students with better educational resources, cultivate their skills, broaden their horizons, and make them confident from childhood. We are very grateful to UPS for their strong support, and also give thank-you note to all the volunteers who have participated in the event today and the full support of Netspring team."
__Representative Teacher of the School
"We are honored to collaborate with a company like UPS who has such a strong sense of social responsibility. The Green IT Classroom program reflects UPS's attention to the community and underprivileged groups who lack educational resources. Netspring will continue to follow up with the school, providing courses and teaching support to the school in coming days to help the children learn and grow healthily."
__Linda Wei, Project Director of Netspring