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  • On this Lantern Festival,

    With winter leaving, spring is coming,

    We wish you and your family health and joy! 


    At the beginning of the lunar new year,

    We faced unexpected difficulties and challenges,

    but we are all determined to fight the epidemic!


    We dedicate our blessings and respect to

    all those who are on the front line, fighting against the virus!


    In this time of crisis that affects us all,

    the safety and health of our students, partners and teams

    remain at the heart of our concerns!


  • Sharing Dreams of Minority Students: Faurecia Opened its 8th Green IT Classroom in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province
    Crossing mountains and rivers, Netspring team came to the newly supported rural school located in the distant Miao Autonomous County of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. On December 3rd, 2019, Faurecia inaugurated its 8th “Netspring Green IT Classroom" and an “Art Classroom” in collaboration with a partner organization. Mr. Tardif, President of Faurecia China, and enthusiastic volunteers attended the inauguration ceremony of the two new classrooms and enriched the school's education resources.
  • Exploring the Digital World: Virtuos opened its first Netspring Green IT Classroom during the Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment
    Organized by the French Embassy Institut Français, with the theme of “Green Economy”, the 2019 Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment (FCEM) was successfully held from Sept. 22nd to Nov. 6th in China. Netspring was honored to be part of this meaningful event with three interactive workshops in our Green IT Classrooms in migrants’ primary schools around Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu which created long term Tech4Good impact in our local communities.
  • Sharing Beauty with All: L’Oréal China opened its first Netspring Green IT Classroom
    During L’Oréal China 10th Citizen Day, Stéphane Rinderknech, 3rd CEO of L’Oréal China made a great contribution to our underprivileged children. With his great support and that of L’Oréal China teams and volunteers, the first L’Oréal Green IT Classroom was successfully launched to serve 1200+ students in a migrant primary school near Shanghai. This enables our children to bridge their dream with the digital era, which creates shared value and reflects L’Oréal “Sharing Beauty with All”.
  • Netspring received the “The Most Impactful NGO/Social Enterprise” CSR Award from Amcham Shanghai – Thanks to all our supporters!

    On Oct. 17th, the 2019 Annual CSR Awards Ceremony organized by AmCham Shanghai was held in presence of Mr. Consul General Sean Stein of the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai and Mr. Ker Gibbs, President Amcham Shanghai.

  • Circular Economy celebrated at the 6th Franco-Chinese Month of the Environment: Join a Netspring Green IT Workshop in October
    第六届中法环境月隆重开幕,力推“循环经济”- 诚邀您参加10月汇益泽绿色电脑教室工作坊
  • A Busy Joyful Back to School with Netspring Tech4Good – Sincere Appreciation to All Teachers and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

    Netspring Children enjoying their time with Owens Corning Senior Management ! 

    “We are so glad to pay a visit to one of our supported migrant school’s Green IT Classroom and having brought digital learning opportunities to the students. We are so happy to receive the greeting cards and paintings prepared by the students and see how they are eager to always learn more knowledge.”

  • Netspring Actively Participated in the 10th L’Oréal China Citizen Day!

    Special thanks to L’Oréal China and Lancôme China for their contribution of obsolete electronic equipment during its 10th L’Oréal Citizen Day on June 20 & 21st, 2019.

    This greatly supported Netspring teams in their mission to “Transform e-waste into e-education”, which will create further impact as a meaningful Tech4Good player and help preserve our environment from unwanted electronic waste pollution.

  • Celebrating Earth Day : With your support, Netspring has saved 400 million Tons of industrial water for our Planet

    “Going Green The Right Way” with AmCham Shanghai

  • Discover the Power of Computer Science: PVH opened its first Green IT Classroom in China

    The school made me memorized my childhood, it looked familiar to me. With the opening of our Green IT classroom, we would like our migrant students to discover the power of computer science in the information era, it makes our world without boundary, brings us to anywhere in the world in less than one second and make learning easier. We encourage our students to give back to our society and country to show “WE Care” when you grow up.”