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Activity: 3 Green IT Classrooms supported by ANT FINANCIAL

ANT FINANCIAL supported Netspring setup 3 Green IT Classrooms in Zunyi, Guizhou province
2015-11-23 Netspring IT Manager Du Pingping
2015-11-23 Netspring setup 3 Geen IT Classrooms in Maoshi Town & Zhima Town, Zunyi, Guizhou province. The schools are built and supported in the past few years by local government and other charity organizations, which boasted new computer classrooms without computers.
1.Bajiao Primary school in Maoshi Town
11-23, the Netspring team started very early and bumped all the way arrived at the school at 4 pm. There are 182 kids and 14 teachers in the school. All together, only 4 computers and all were donated years ago by friends of ex-principal.
All computers were already transported to the school. After arriving at school Netspring team immediately began to setup the first ANT FINANCIAL Green IT Classroom. With the support from school teachers , the team eventually finished setting up before 7 pm. Because there is no electric lights in the new classroom, we setup the classroom with flash light when getting dark.

2.Maoshi Town Central Primary school

11-24, the team started to setup in Maoshi Town Central Primary school. There are 521 kids and 38 teachers in the school, as well as one computer classroom. But all the computers were outdated and recycled by the local bureau 3 years ago. Currently, there are 11 computers for teachers with low configration and have been used for 4-10 years, can not meet the needs of teaching, not to mention the IT class for students.

The setting up carried out very smoothly, the volunteer from TüV, a German company, brought an interesting IT class to the kids, it is also a very good oppotunity to show the teachers how to use the education softwares pre-installed in the computers.  Although these kids are already in Grade Five, most of them do not have experience to use computers before. This time they together learned how to use the software for painting, considering the limited time, the students have been very happy and most of the them completed the task assigned by the teacher.
3.Zhima Town Zhuyuan Primary school
11-24 afternoon, the team came to Zhima Town Zhuyuan Primary school. Zhuyuan school is the most remote with the worst conditions among the 3 schools,  more than one hour drive away from the central town, the school was setup by one charity foundation. The facilities in school is outdated, and many poor families, but the principal is very positive in teaching, wants to use the computer classroom to broaden kids' minds and got equal education opportunity for the local kids. There are 211 students and 14 teachers in the school, five desktop computers, all of them have been used for 4-6 years.
With the help of the teachers and students, the three ANT FINANCIAL Green IT Classrooms all were setup successfully. Netspring team organized trainings to the school teachers, demostrated how to install and use education softwares, we also signed agreements with schools to guarantee the computers usage and safe custody.
We also brought some sports and stationery to the schools.
Thanks for TüV's support, they not only provided the 2nd hand computers for Netspring to refurbish but also helped us setup green computer classroom, as well as brought one interesting computer class for local kids.
Thanks for the support from APM, they prepared gifts for every kids.
Thanks for the support from PwC, who collected winter clothes for kids.