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Dec. 2019: Best wishes for a bright future from Netspring: Bridging Technology, Art & Tradition as West meets East - May your Dreams come true in 2020!

Sharing Dreams of Minority Students: Faurecia Opened its 8th Green IT Classroom in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province
Crossing mountains and rivers, Netspring team came to the newly supported rural school located in the distant Miao Autonomous County of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. On December 3rd, 2019, Faurecia inaugurated its 8th “Netspring Green IT Classroom" and an “Art Classroom” in collaboration with a partner organization. Mr. Tardif, President of Faurecia China, and enthusiastic volunteers attended the inauguration ceremony of the two new classrooms and enriched the school's education resources.
"Today, we are excited to come to the beautiful town of Liuzhou in Guangxi, and spend a meaningful day with local children. Since entering the China market, Faurecia has actively advocated corporate social responsibility and made positive impacts to environmental protection and education improvement. Our Green IT Program is in its 7th year now, and I hope such a meaningful program will develop even further, owing to our Faurecian’s care and love. Thanks for all for your participation and contribution."
Mr. Tardif, President Faurecia China
On the opening day, the children dressed in colorful traditional costumes and offered us happy smiles and enthusiastic dances to honor their guests. This was their most beautiful celebration in years, since they so rarely get visits. As the volunteers initiated them to Scratch coding but also to environmental-friendly concepts painting, the kids’ bright eyes were filled with intelligent curiosity as they explored the unknown. They eagerly shared their dreams with us:
“In the future world, cars could fly in the sky, and at a very fast speed. We not only could live on Earth, but also explore the Galaxy.”
"My greatest wish is to be able to enter the national secondary school, and then walk through the streets of the county town!"
Volunteers also expressed their feelings after this activity:
"With these activities, I saw a real gap between urban and rural areas, some of the children here even didn’t well use the mouse, I hope that the local children could study hard and change their fate."
"Students are very interested in animation, they also mention they’d like to be designers and astronauts when they grow up, the future is theirs. I hope the children could seize the present time, study new knowledge and go to see the outside world!"
Home Sweet Home: Owens Corning Celebrated its 6th Green IT Classroom in a migrants’ school in Wujiang
On a joyful and sunny day in late November, Netspring and Owens Corning volunteers came to Wujiang migrant school to inaugurate their 6th Green IT Classroom.
Each Netspring opening is a great moment, but this one was very special, as the school had the honor to welcome Mr. Don Rettig, Owens Corning Director of Community Affairs, a guest who had crossed the Pacific Ocean to visit us. Volunteers from Owens Corning plants brought eco-friendly animation computer classes to the students and held a clay handicraft workshop for the children who literally loved it. Children also enjoyed exchanging a few words in English, as this encounter opened them new horizons and a desire to learn even more.
A Home is full of warm and love. With the help of volunteers, our children almost felt at home and learned how to make PPT during the IT class and composed digital drawings filled with buildings, trees and warm houses. In the handicraft workshop, the children’s imagination was so amazing, clay-homes were built and all of a sudden an entire village emerged, with families and their stories brought to life – Home Sweet home!  
"We would like to thank our partner Netspring who strongly supported us in our volunteering and communities projects over the past five years. We hope that these children could study happily and learn a lot in this Green IT Classroom. We also thank the school to give the computers we contributed a second life, that can help the students effectively.” 
Owens Corning Director of Community Affairs
“Today's classes are very unique and new, the IT class and handicraft workshop are those resources that we normally lack. We would like to thank the volunteers for igniting the children's imagination and making our migrants students feel the same warmth as if they were at home.
Teacher from Owens Corning Green IT Classroom, Wujiang Migrant School
Netspring recognized for Excellence in Responsible Innovation at the 6th European Chamber CSR Awards
On Nov. 22nd, 2019, on the occasion of the 6th European Chamber CSR Awards, Mr. Yves Reymond, Head of Economic, Financial and Commercial Section, Embassy of Switzerland in China presented Netspring with a certificate for Excellence in Responsible Innovation.
We would like to thank the European Chamber and all our partners for this recognition, we could not have done it without your support!
Season’s Greeting and May your Dreams come true in 2020!
As the year end is approaching, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope our paths will cross in 2020 to create further impact for our underprivileged communities and our planet.

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